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Welcome To New Dimensions

New Dimensions specialises in helping people with enduring mental health issues rediscover and develop their natural abilities at their own pace.

We help people build greater confidence and become more self-reliant by designing person-centred programmes that meet your individual needs.

You may be feeling very anxious and find it difficult to concentrate or be around other people. You may be preoccupied with thoughts, feelings or symptoms which keep cropping up and get in the way of you getting on with life and doing what you really want to do.

These things may have prevented you from completing learning programmes in the past, whether at school or later on in life. We will support you through difficult times enabling you to continue - no matter what your past experiences have been elsewhere.








You might need some help in gradually improving your concentration and social skills. Here we can help you begin to interact confidently with other people in small, friendly and relaxed groups.

We will help you pinpoint obstacles to progress and overcome them by developing personalised coping strategies and problem solving skills. This will help you feel more relaxed, reduce stress and enable you to deal with everyday life more effectively.

You’ll get plenty of help and this is a good way to gradually increase your ability to cope with everyday life in a safe, relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere where people are valued.

It could be that something practical appeals to you like woodwork, art, crafts and other creative activities or you might have a project of your own in mind.

We also provide a range of supportive person-centred programmes to suit those who are thinking about moving on to voluntary or paid work as well as for those who find it difficult to think about the future at the moment.